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Thanks for stopping by to Meet the Herd!! There is a little bit of everything. From young prospects, horses in the making to finished horses. Plus a few breeding stock. We take pride in working with our horses and making them good usable horses. The boys have really taken a knack to producing good, honest, reliable, useable horses. 


Here is a lil recap on each horse to let you know their history:

Our Using Horses:
INDIAN: I am very blessed to have Indian in my life, he has put the sparkle back in my eye. He not only has gave me the drive to race again, he has taken my riding to the next level, He is very special and I could not imagine not being able to get his daily hug/kiss!! Prarie Indian Paint Gelding, http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/prairie+��Reed’sS
��Reed’s Sire
PEPPY- Another WOW! He is by Sunny and out of Lightening. We haltered him as a yearling and the next day Cotlon led him every where and bathed and clipped- EASY EASY- to me that is half the battle!!! Not to mention a spit imagine of his mom! We are currently using him on the ranch and in the arena. He has
 been hauled and used for roping, poles, flag, goat tying, keyhole and barrels- He had his first crop of colts in 2013!!!
http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/index.php?query_type=horse&horse=MAJOR+PEPPT+MOORE&g=5&cellpadding=0&small_font=1&l= Peppy has lived up to my expectations... I said my next stud as going to be "usable". He is that.. Peppy has been down the road with us to kids rodeos, barrel racing and cuttings. He is the one you throw in your trailer for that one that can do it all. From Tucker to Kelly we all love to ride him. He has done all the kid events, ran a few barrels, roped some cattle and cutted a few... He not only excels as a riding prospect but he has proven to produce very nice colts too.  I made the tough choice and I gelded him, They were right " You have a nice stallion but would have one hell of a Gelding" He has really found some speed and drive!! We had plans to sell him but I don't think we can part with him much less replace him :)

JIMMY- He has been a great buy- Mom got caught with her hand up trying to help out a fellow seller and ended up making Colton one happy lil cowboy. He has never been so affectionate to a horse- Jimmy has a heart of gold and Colton is willing to take him to the limit- I am excited to see how the two do this summer at rodeos!! Well they proved to be a great pair- as they won the All Around Saddle at the Leanin Pole Summer series!!! Way to go Colton & Jimmy!!! Ok they proved themselves once again at the Eva Scott Memorial Showdeo winning another All Around Saddle!!! Colton is being a great BIG brother and has handed him down to Tucker and they are really getting along well!!! They won their first average--- 1D at the Triple Turn Classic April 2013 Plus winning the All around saddles at the Lemmon Series and Killdeers Youth Rodeo in 2014!!!

Rosebuds.... A very special mare that caught  Colton and my eye the second we met her, by a blessing from above we managed to buy her and it has been a dream come true. Colton has her going in ALL the events from flags, barrels, poles, keyhole and goats... she was a very solid rope and cutting horse which has been Colton's push to excel!! 

��Reed’s momma��
SUZIE- Was a must have for Colton, we have had two of her colts and they are as sweet as honey, and we bought her site unseen and we weren't disapointed...DYNAMITE O SUE: 1999 Suzie 

Bugzy... Every lil girls dream pony, I guess everyone goes through a "want a baby syndrome" well I had a want for a pony, so we bought Bugzy to keep. She is ridable but I don't let the boys ride her alot, I ffel she is too small:) But she can pull a cart like no other!!! The boys have used her for 4H, parades, weddings and funerals. She is very trrustworthy and cute as a bug!!!
2013 Videos:

Prarie Indian's Video- He is not for sale....

Real Glass-He is not for sale.....

Jimmy's 2013 Video.... Not For Sale

Major Peppy Moore 2013 Video.....

JIMMY'S 2011 VIDEO....

SUNNY'S 2011 VIDEO( Peppy's Momma )


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