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 Welcome to the For Sale Page.....
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All pictures and Video chips can be viewed on our Facebook page “kelly tara Turbiville”

We are offering Sparky and Bugzy at the November sale at Billings Livestock, Marty and Reed are offered at the ranch until spring then they too will be consigned to a sale.... make sure to click on classic view at bottom of page to view all videos.... 
There are lots of pages of for sale pictures... please click on the "#" at the bottom!
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Tara can be reached at 701-440-0207 if you have questions on the horses.

Horses/Ponies we are offering for sale... Reed (by Major Peppy Moore, out of Suzie), Sparky, Bugzy, Marty
Sparky Video

Bugzy Video 

Reed Video

Here are some pictures of the horses/ponies currently offered for sale. Scroll over picture to read caption, also double click to enlarge or scroll to bottom of page for bigger pictures. Feel free to contact me with any questions, or to come take a peek at them in person. cedar@ndsupernet.com or call/text  701-440-0207 
 Boer Kids For Sale:
The boys take alot of pride in raising goats. They have either hand picked or raised the nannies. They have really enjoyed having them as pets and as 4H showing projects. It is something they can handle on thier own and learn the foundation of being a rancher. From picking the nannies, to buying bucks to the process of sorting for breeding then the joy of seeing the out come to taking them to the show ring. They enjoy the whole aspect of it. 

The pictures are in alphabetical order by the horse's name... There are videos of Peppy {sire} and of Rosita {Dam to Zoey} on the Meet the Herd Page...

Thanks for taking the time to check out the For Sale Page, We also have more pictures , videos and info on the Meet the Herd Page.
For more info Contact us @ cedar@ndsupernet.com or 701-440-0207
Reed video
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