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Email cedar@ndsupernet.com
Home Phone 701-279-6909
Kelly Cell 701-440-1004
Tara Cell 701-440-0207
Fax 701-279-6771
Snail Mail: 8002 167th Ave Sw
                 Rhame ND 58651

To let you know a little about us, Kelly and I were High School sweethearts and married soon after we graduated. Kelly went to college at UND for diesel mechanics which he uses on a daily basis. I went for Cosmetology in Rapid City. Which I also use. We then moved back to the SW corner of Noth Dakota and started a trucking business and then took the big step of starting our own ranch. We started at the corrals at Lower Winter Camp- known as ever since my Grandpa owned the ranch. We started with the million dollar road and then setup a house, adding an addition, shop and barn. We were also blessed with two very special boys. Colton born in 2004 and Tucker scarily came in 2007. We are settling in and it is home to us now. Since that the boys and I run the ranch, train horses and hit the road rodeoing, barrel racing and cow cutting. Kelly stays a running with the haying, farming and trucking. He also supervises the shop at Diamond H Services in Bowman. With that all on our plate we mange to stay happy and healthy. We wouldn't want it any other way!!! We enjoy what we do and do what we enjoy.

It's not a Technique
It's a Lifestyle

It's not just Life
It's Lovin Life

It's not by Choice
It's by God's Blessing

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